Deal Stories

Will you learn faster by studying the theory of sales or studying real sales situations?

These are recent deal stories from sales professionals who are in the business of selling technology to other businesses. 

Read how they handle various sales situations. Some deals close faster than expected and for more money like the "Easy 2 Call Close with the VP of Sales for $13,000". Other deals drag on for months of maybes before finally getting to a no like the "Sales Manager with No Authority Finally Admits It 3 Months Later".   

No matter the deal outcome, it's an opportunity to understand how successful B2B sales professionals position themselves to win every day and learn from their losses. 

Get their latest ideas in lead generation, prospecting, pitching, closing and deal management.  

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Guest Speakers

Meet the people behind the ideas.

Every few months, we host an event to bring together speakers from the fastest growing technology companies. The people who know how to establish a process to consistently win. They share their best ideas with us.   

CEOs, Sales Executives, Account Executives and Consultants have presented to the group, including former IBM  Sales Rep of the Year and now CEO of Stormpath, Alex Salazar, and the SVP of Corporate Sales at Salesforce, Tony Rodoni. We are committed to bringing you the most knowledgeable speakers. The people who know how to win new customers, lots of them. 

Events are hosted by local B2B technology companies in San Francisco. We are grateful for the generous companies who have hosted us in the past, thank you to Yesware, RocketSpace, Mixpanel and Eventbrite.   

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Deal Stories from Professionals at High-Growth Technology Companies:

How Much Do Technology Account Executives Make?

According to Payscale, the average Enterprise Account Executive in technology sales with 5-8 years of experience made $192,038 in 2015. Annual income is expected to grow by 4% this year across the 100,000+ technology companies in the U.S., as reported by the Department of Commerce.

We sat down with Peter Ryan, Founder of Gogohire, to understand the hiring market in B2B technology sales.  It was no surprise to hear him say, "We are seeing high demand from high-growth technology companies for top performers with the ability to effectively communicate, solve customer problems and manage a deal process." See what opportunities are available for you here.

"If you could somehow peek into the mind of your customer, your ability to sell would take a quantum leap forward." - Ken Wax