Aggressive - ambitious target or goal.

Air time - have a meeting (generally by phone).

All-nighter - work until people start coming back to work.

Already half-pregnant - invested in the deal. 

Animal in the closet - the bad cop in a good cop/bad cop negotiation.

Apples to apples - Comparing items on an equivalent basis.

At the end of the day - the bottom line is, or if we cut out the B.S., we all know that this is what matters.

ASAP - now.

Audible - change the plan at the last minute.



Back of the envelope - rough, quick estimate.

Back pocket - for internal knowledge, not for the pitch deck.

Bake off - pitch competition against other vendors for business.

Baked into the pie - included.

Bandwidth - free time.

Bang down the doors - try to get a meeting with a potential client.

Beauty contest - see "Bake off".

Bells and whistles - fancy stuff.

Big bad bear - market leader.  

Big picture - high level view.

Bigger fish to fry - small meaningless issue. 

Bluebird - buyer comes out of nowhere. 

Boil the ocean - look at every possibility. 

Boneyard - dead end.

Book - the presentation materials. 

Bottleneck - when you are holding up the deal.

Bottom line - conclusion. 

Brewing - things are happening.

Bring the thunder - go all out. 

BSD - rainmaker. 

Bullpen - where sales reps live. 

Buried - busy with work.

Burning the candle at both ends - see "All nighter." 

Burning the midnight oil - see "All nighter."

Buy-in - agree.


Chew on it - think about it. 

Circle back - return a phone call.

Circle up - let's meet.

Clear my plate - finish work to prepare for more work. 

Clear the decks - put other work aside for more immediate work.

Closer - see "BSD."



Deck - presentation, see "Book."

Dialing for dollars - make sales calls.

Do our homework - research.

Do some digging - research.

Drinking the Kool-Aid - believing in the company's own hype. 

Drive this one home - close the deal.


Elephant in the room - an issue no one wants to talk about.

Eye on the ball - focus.


Face time - get in front of client.

Fire drill - something that needs to get done immediately.

Flying at 30,000 feet -  not paying attention to details.  

Full court press - give a lot of attention to a prospective client.


Game plan - deal strategy. 

Get a second set of eyes on it - review.

Get comfortable with - understand. 

Get on their calendar - schedule a meeting.

Get our arms around it - understand all the details.  

Get our ducks in a row - get our facts straight. 

Give it a turn - revise.

Going forward - in the future.

Goldmine - opportunity to make a lot of money.

Green light - to give the go ahead. 


Half baked - a plan not well thought out.

Herding cats - attempt to control the uncontrollable.

High level - strategic thinking. 

Holding pattern - waiting.

Hurry up and wait - rush to get something done without needing to.


I have a relationship there - I have heard the company is hot and lobbed a phone call in there, but it was never returned. 

Inbound - prospect calling with a deal in mind.


Juggling act - a difficult situation where several things must be maintained at the same time.  

Just so we're all on the same page - just so you are on my page.


Kick the tires - buyer who show interest in potential deal, but isn't serious.


Lay of the land - situation.

Lead dog - market leader. 

Lipstick on the pig - making a deal look better than it is.

Lobbing in calls - see "Dialing for dollars."

Look under the hood - see "Kick the tires."

Lose / lose - both parties lose if the deal gets done.

Lost in the weeds - unable to see the big picture. 

Low hanging fruit - an easy win.


Make it happen - do it.

Moving parts - a lot of issues outstanding at one time. 


Net net - the bottom line is.

New sheriff in town - management change.

No brainer - easy decision.

Nailed it - good presentation. 

Nailing jello to the wall - pointless. 

Neighborhood - close enough.


Off your plate - no longer your responsibility.

On the same page - agree.

Out of left field - surprise.

Out of the blue - surprise. 

Own it - take responsibility for with confidence.


Phonebook - overly thick presentation. 

Pipeline - forecast of opportunities.

Pitch - present the deal.

Plug and play - easy implementation. 

Pounding the pavement - shopping the opportunity around to lots of potential buyers.

Push the envelope - test the limits. 

Put our heads together - group think.


Red flag - risks to the deal.

Run with it - take ownership.


Sharpen our pencils - get smart. 

Shotgun approach - the hasty use of a wide range of techniques that are nonselective and haphazard. 

Sinking ship - a deal that's falling apart, unlikely to get done.

Skin in the game - invested in the deal.

Slap something together - quickly pull together a presentation.

Strapped - busy.

Sweat shop - a sales team where reps work long hours under poor conditions.

Swinging for the fences - going after a big client. 


Take a first crack - draft. 

Take offline - talk confidentially or talk later.

Take to the next level - do better. 

This is a good start - this is terrible, we have to totally rework it. 

Too many cooks in the kitchen - too many people trying to make decisions. 

Touch base - follow up.


When the smoke clears - have more bandwidth. 

White knight - a person who comes to someone's aid.

Win / win - both parties win if the deal gets done.

Word smithing - to reword.


Zero sum game - one person's gain is exactly balanced by the loss for the others.